Our Company

Foundet in 1980 from dental craftsman Michael Schregle we began our work with three employees.
Throughout the first 10 years we became larger on 15 employees.

After the reunion in 1989 we got involved in Pirna near Dresden and in Borna near Leipzig. In Pirna we built up a lab with ca 50 dental technician. In Leipzig it were ca 15 dental technicians. In the same time our staff in Bad Wörishofen grow up to 25 employees. After some years we hand over the firms to the manager in Pirna and a friend of our family in Borna. We are glad that both firms could grow up until today.

Außenansicht: Labor in Bad Wörishofen

After the many health reforms now our team consists of only 10 employees. In the last 25 years we could improve and optimize our skills through our manifold experience. Our lab has modern equipment. We pay attention to good service and like the work to be well done.

A press report of the Mindelheimer Zeitung

Under the motto: "If the father and son" or
"I've just got one on the cover as other"

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